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KAIJU DOOM figures are born out of a passion for all things Kaiju, as well as all fun things DEMONIC! Mix your favorite giant giant monsters with fun demonic twists, and Kaiju Doom was born!  Dave Igo contacted Paul Komoda to work on some new figures together, and Paul was passionate about the idea of designing and sculpting new Kaijus! So together they came up with the idea of "Demon Kaijus" and the "Turtle Demon" came first, with the "Lizard Demon" coming second. There is a 3rd "Demon God" planned for the line as well! as a hero to fight them! 


The battle for all of mankind is upon us! During medieval times, giant horrific Kaiju-like “Demon Gods” have begun to break through the barriers of hell, wreaking absolute havoc, bringing upon the end of days!!! 

One knight, who has lost everything because of this merciless carnage, channels all of his rage and calls upon the power of the Demon Gods himself to become a God Killer, battling these Demon Gods to an absolute bloody death!


The First Demon God! 

The first "Demon God" to appear is the "TURTLE DEMON". A giant Turtle-like monster cyclops, covered in dangerously sharp spikes! When he turns around, he reveals more terror with the 4 giant faces that make up the turtle-shell on his back - their tusks and fangs camouflaged like the spikes of the turtle shell! 
His theme is "BLOOD", so he is painted in a red color scheme to give the sense of bloody horror!


 The Second Demon God!

The second "Demon God" to appear is the "LIZARD DEMON". A giant Lizard-like monster with a giant demon face on his chest! He also two tails, each having their own unique head, ready to attack! And his back and tails are covered with glowing hot sharp plates!
His theme is "FIRE", so he is painted to look like he glows from the inside, and his outer-skin is hard dark lava rock!


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ACRO's proprietary U-Vinyl technology reproduces difficult to produce figures true to their original form!
These unique figures, covered in all these complex shapes and sharp points, would normally be near impossible to produce, but not for ACRO!

Kaiju Doom

The prototype in the photo is a molding sample
and the size is about 8 to 10 inches.

Kaiju Doom
Kaiju Doom

After some fine-tuning from the first prototype, a master piece was completed that will serve as a color sample when painted!

In the coming days, we will provide you with photos of the finished product, the names of these two bodies, and the beginning of the epic story of KAIJU DOOM!

komo century guild  (1).jpeg

Paul Komoda

■ Sculptor, illustrator, and designer

Artist working widely as a sculptor, illustrator, and designer.
He has created many imaginative works in a wide range of genres from science fiction (creatures) to wildlife (living creatures).

After studying art and comic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he returned to the world of plastic arts. In the 90's, his garage kits such as "Hellraiser," "Taxi Driver," and "Marilyn Manson" garnered much attention.

In recent years, he has worked as a creature designer for the movie "The Thing" and for a major figure company,
In 2018, his prototype for Sideshow's "Swamp Thing" won SILVER in the Dimensional Category at The Spectrum 26 awards.
Currently resides in Los Angeles.

David Igo

■ Concept Designer and Art Director

He has been working as a Concept Designer and Art Director since 2006. Mainly focusing in Consumer Products ie - Toys and High-End Collectibles, Ive also worked as a designer for Film, Television, and Games.

During his time in Consumer Products, he was mainly acting as "Creative Traffic Control" directing and managing a ton of different artists on unique tasks... He also dealt a lot with being a bridge between Creative and Business. The two different mind sets don't always see eye to eye, or speak the same language, and he found real fulfillment in making them gel both internally (within the company) and externally (with other Businesses, Licensors, etc).

He's also an Instructor for Intro to ZBrush, teaching working professionals a basic foundation to be able to work within the program. He takes great pride in helping people who have been working traditionally the majority of their lives who find the program intimidating, to get over that hill and begin to understand the program so they can translate their skills to the digital era.

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