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Based on the know-how cultivated in OEM production, the president himself manage directly at the local factory in China. We thoroughly manage from development to mass production and made it possible to produce in small lot, which can not be done by major companies. 
We specialize in the Soft Vinyl and fully reproduce the mold of the prototype by making it with Soft Vinyl Die by resin baked out at our own factory. This technique also can produce with no deformation / shrinkage by wax, you will see the goodness of Soft Vinyl. We are pursuing the possibility of Soft Vinyl products without PL line. 
We aim to become a company that continues to offer products that will give great value to customers on a market with a long-lasting production system.



Our own factory and production system make Reasonable price and High quality products. sub materials such as molds ~ packing materials on site. We deal with local factory directly such as molds ~ packaging materials. We will use our best materials, molding method and painting method to aim for the customer satisfaction.


We will continue to refine our own technologies such as Soft Vinyl Baked Mold,  PVC / ABS · Polyresin Hybrid Technique, NET Painting etc. In addition to satisfying our customers, we will challenge the future era when only the really good ones remain, with the spirit of "San-po Yoshi" leading to the activity of the figure industry.


"San-po Yoshi" - All three parties doing well : Purchaser, buyer and society.


--- COMPANY ---

----------- Overseas Agent

All THE KAIJU STORE's products are distributed US through agents.

Zero-Hachi Rock, Inc. (US Sales Agent)
Redondo Beach, CA 90277 U.S.A.


----------- Headquarter

ACRO Corporation
Inae-cho 51, Hikone-shi, Shiga 521-1125, Japan
Foundation: July 2009
CEO: Kazutaka Kadowaki

Zero-Hachi Rock
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