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KRS P.K Zetton

The 4th REMIX by Paul Komoda is "Zetton"

I'm sure you are all familiar with Zetton.

While respecting the original Mr. Komoda's arrangement is added in various parts and the detail is very elaborate.

KRS P.K Zetton

13 years ago today...

Paul Komoda sketched out the idea of Zetton in 2010

KRS P.K Zetton

In 2015,
This sketch became 
​a model with shape

KRS P.K Zetton
KRS P.K Zetton

In September 2023, KRS P.K Zetton is finally going to be on the US market

KRS P.K Zetton
KRS P.K Zetton
komo century guild  (1).jpeg

Paul Komoda

■ Sculptor, illustrator, and designer

Artist working widely as a sculptor, illustrator, and designer.
He has created many imaginative works in a wide range of genres from science fiction (creatures) to wildlife (living creatures).

After studying art and comic design at the School of Visual Arts in New York, he returned to the world of plastic arts. In the 90's, his garage kits such as "Hellraiser," "Taxi Driver," and "Marilyn Manson" garnered much attention.

In recent years, he has worked as a creature designer for the movie "The Thing" and for a major figure company,
In 2018, his prototype for Sideshow's "Swamp Thing" won SILVER in the Dimensional Category at The Spectrum 26 awards.
Currently resides in Los Angeles.

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