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[Event Report] Son of MonsterPalooza 2023!

MonsterPalooza, an exhibition with the name that anyone in the industry may recognize. It's an event where monsters from all genres gather, and designers, creators, special makeup artists, sculptors, painters, and more come together to network, showcase, sell, and exchange information on new techniques and products.

The main MonsterPalooza event is usually held in June in Pasadena,CA. And there is a subsidiary event called Son of MonsterPalooza. This 2023 edition marked the 10th anniversary of the event, held in Burbank, CA.

It took place at the California Marriott Burbank Convention Center from Friday the 13th of October and continued for three days until the 15th. It's pretty cool that the first day was on a solid "Friday the 13th."

Son of MonsterPalooza 2023

For someone like me, relatively new to this industry, there was still so much to learn and discover!

This time, at the PHANTASMIC booth, the sculptor, illustrator, and designer Paul Komoda performed live drawing. They also had the KRS P.K Zetton, which is currently on sale at THE KAIJU STORE, on display!

Even more excitingly, THE KAIJU STORE's new project, KAIJU DOOM, had some of its monsters discreetly showcased. With Concept Designer and Art Director David Igo on board, these up-and-coming monsters designed by Paul Komoda are set to make an appearance!

The project is progressing steadily, and we should have some big news to share at the beginning of November, so stay tuned!

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Like in the world of movies, animation, and games, technology is constantly advancing and merging with the industry. Alongside deeper exploration of the industry, it seems that there's a growing fan base.

In the era known as the Creator Economy, there's talk of "AI taking over human jobs, allowing humans to live for their creative." I look forward to the continued development of the monster industry!



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